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Things alternative to sawhorses


When it comes to cutting rough materials like wood there you are requiring the best supportive tools to hold them tightly. Because while cutting them if the support or material moves it won’t get shape in that case to avoid these things most of the professionals make use of the sawhorses which help them by holding the materials tightly. Now there are some of the options that are available in the place of using things instead of saw horses, but before thinking about those alternatives you have to understand why you are looking for alternatives. Then go for it and get to know those alternatives which you can prefer based on your needs.

jaw horseAlternatives to sawhorses

More to those sawhorses now advanced sawhorses have come to the market and they are capable of performing the function better than the earlier one. Those old sawhorses can only provide you the work support but these new models of sawhorses are coming with a range of features. New model sawhorses are coming in the adjustable model so you can adjust the height along with their clamping mechanism. Here are new models of sawhorses which you can use as the alternative option for the basic sawhorses.

Jaw horse

The jaw horses are kind of sawhorses but it is like an updated version. It is foldable and comes with steel construction and tripod designs. This ensures you will be having sturdy work platform support for a various range of conditions. They are foldable so that you can carry them with you wherever you want and the best thing it won’t occupy so much of a place also remember it.

The jaw stands is a setup similar to that traditional sawhorse but they are multi-purpose and portable too. They are capable of holding different materials and their height and clamps can also be adjustable. They can hold up to 220 pounds that means they are strong enough to hold the doors and cabinets.

Cardboard boxes

When you are not interested in those jaw horses there you can create your sawhorses set up with the help of the cardboard boxes. Take the sturdy card box and cut them to the height you want with the help of the utility knife then pair them to create sawhorses for your workspace.

Final thoughts

If you are searching for alternatives in the place of using saw horses then look at the internet or communicate with the experts so that you can get an alternative idea. This article can also provide you few ideas look at them and get some basic knowledge about them.


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