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Why power saws are so loud?


The saws are the thing which gives you hands-on cutting the materials like wood and other heavy metals. Even though these saws provide you an extraordinary benefit the only thing which makes you irritated is the sound that arises from the saws. Producing loud sound by power saws is a very common thing and every professional who is working with them well-known for it. But the thing they may not aware of is the reasons behind the sound or loud of saws, to help you in knowing them here their working principles are explained through reading the content get an idea about it.

Here are the reasons of power saws loudness;

These power saws are so loud because they are making use of a brush-type motor with them. This is an engine with runs with either AC or DC electric power, so each time they come into interaction with the material i.e cuts the material the heavy noise is produced and that is extremely loud because of the friction inside the machine.

These power saws can operate up to the level of 110 decibels which is louder than moving trains and a little closer to the noise of the racing car noises. So it indicates that wearing the ear protective shields while working with the power saws will be safe for any individual working with them.
The only reason behind the loudness of power saws is they are containing or coming with the universal motors which are very much louder than the normal motors. The manufacturers prefer the universal motors because they are comparatively small and lighter than any of the induction motors. In case, to avoid loudness you are thinking about altering those universal motors to induction motors the size becomes double at the same time challenging to handle them. This is the reason why universal motors are a better choice even though they produce so much noise and comparing with two of these options the universal motors come with good power and affordability.

Can you make power saws quieter?

If the noise of the power saws is your biggest problem then there you can think about the ways through which you can minimize that loudness. By using the vibration dampener and right blade you can minimize them get to know them.

Final words

Everything is possible when you look for alternative ways, similarly, you can also minimize the noise of the power saws. Even though you cannot change those universal motors find those ways to minimize the noises.


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